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Clicking the mouse will select the shade and save its value right within the browser. The same scroll and save method is applied until a full palette is generated. Colordot is also available as a nifty app paid — iPhone only. Another really lovely color selection tool is Coleure.

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Users are able to choose a number of colors from a large available selection and create a palette. These colors can easily be altered via the HSL channels to achieve the desired shade. Not only does Coleure allows for the user to compare two colors side-by-side, as well as mix two colors together, but it also displays what an individual color will look like in unison with black and white text.

Using an interactive color wheel, users are able to select from a broad range of colors to make up a custom palette, or, refine their color selection through the use of six available presets: analogous, monochromatic, compound, contrasting, triad or shades. Adobe Color also lists a wide variety of already saved palettes for users to browse through.

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Typography has such a strong effect on the overall aesthetic of a website and has tremendous power in expressing the tone of a brand or business. With this, have a look at the following type resources and tools. A few months ago, Google released an updated version of its Google Font directory.

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With its brand new UI, selecting and inspecting a font is easier than ever, seeing users able to search through a vast array of the free-to-use fonts and refining their selection via a myriad of adjustment controls. Inspecting an individual font will show a series of details, including information regarding the font designer or design company, the available characters and styles, as well as a handy interactive font pairings guide and a break down of the code needed to embed the font in your stylesheet. Typespiration presents a number of beautifully crafted designs with perfectly paired fonts for you to browse through.

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How to Easily Add Icon Fonts in Your WordPress Theme

A bit of a cross-over resource, Typespiration also includes a correlating color palette with hex codes for each of its design, which really helps you to visualize what your design and type could look like. One of the great features of Typespiration is Quick Use. Not only does this pull up the exact code needed to embed each font into the head of your website, but it also includes the CSS for you to simply copy and paste into your style sheet.

One of the most incredible typography resources is Typecast. Through Typecast, users are able to create a prototype of their design by selecting a collection of fonts and testing them out. Typecast includes a myriad of options for testing various type styles both visually and in conjunction with HTML elements, including size, weight, decorative effects and color, to name a few. Typecast is free but users are required to sign up to use.

Using interesting typography is a great way to present a unique look and feel for a website. It allows you to create color palettes fast and easily. The tool lets you customize your color schemes, adjust and refine them to your liking. Contrast is a Mac app that helps you create designs with a better accessibility. The app double-checks if your contrast is high enough based on the Web Content and Accessibility Guidelines.

Designs with a high contrast are more accessible not only for low-quality screens but also for your visually impaired users. Little Big Details is an informative blog about small details that make a big UX impact.

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Ludus is an app for creating more interesting presentations. Talk about a creative presentation tool! Here we are talking about icons again. This time, I wanted to share IconJar with you. For those of you who just love Sketch, here is a website made just for you. Sketch for Designers has a large list of plugins, UI kits, and all sorts of things related to Sketch.

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Wireflow is another flowchart tool. However, Wireflow is completely free. Brought to you by Google, Resizer is an interactive viewer for material design breakpoints. Pexels is a free stock photo website. However, they have a section for free videos as well. I felt that was a little bit more interesting, as there are so many free stock photo websites but not so many for videos. Zeplin integrates with both Photoshop and Sketch to help make design handoffs easier, smoother, and better. It allows you to create style guides and resources which are a lot easier to follow for developers than handing them a design file to figure it out on their own.

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Really Good UX is another educational tool. They provide you with examples of well-integrated interactions such as upsells from commonly used apps like Slack. Aspect Ratio is an easy-to-use tool for getting the right specs for mobile devices. They include both pixel sizes and aspect ratios, which can be handy both for designers and developers. Crello is another tool that helps you easily create graphics for social media, blog posts, ads, or even printables. Crello comes with over 65 million images to choose from, as well as with 35 different formats, 10, templates, and fonts.

Placeit is a directory of editable images where you can copy and paste images such as website designs onto device mockups. Their directory is filled with almost devices, including iPhones, and Macbooks. Receive our newsletter with the latest insights on content marketing, PR, media and tech.

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